Keep Your Dog Safe in an Escape Proof Dog Harness


escape proof dog harness

Escape Proof Dog Harness

Keep your dog safe & secure in a well-fitting escape proof dog harness – with sound, practical advice from dog harness specialists. We have 11 years experience of measuring dogs, manufacturing dog harnesses and fitting them.  Our own brands are eDog and Splashy Dog.

Why do you need an Escape Proof Dog Harness ??

We speak to dog owners every day and really listen to their problems. One of the most common and serious problems customers want to solve is their dog slipping out of a dog harness.  Some owners have had very scary experiences with their Houdini dog escaping out of the harness and running into traffic or a field full of sheep.  Consequently they say they no longer trust that harness now and are searching for a non-escape dog harness to prevent further incidences.

Nellie in her custom made non-escape harness

Good Fit is Most Important

The first question we ask these customers is whether the harness they use is fitting their dog correctly. This is the most important key to solving this issue of dogs escaping from a harness.  Most reply that the fit could be better or that they have struggled to get the correct fit.  Poor fit is the most common reason for dogs escaping. Namely that the neck opening is too big/too slack, making it very easy for the dog to back out of the harness and get out.  Some dogs run away from the harness even before the owner tries to fit it onto them for a walk. Dogs most likely do this because the harness is uncomfortable and/or hurting them. Therefore their first intention, at the earliest opportunity is to get out of it !!  Most customers say they have a well-known big brand name harness which we quickly point out, only offer 4/5/6 standard sizes, so the chance of getting a really good fit is doomed from the very start, with so few size options being offered.  For example the well-known brand Ruffwear offer 6 standard sizes only.  Big dogs fare better chances than small of finding an off-the-peg harness that fits.  Tiny dogs virtually have no chance.

So that is why for all our different design dog harnesses, we offer 10 standard sizes and indeed we make any custom size for any dog breed, ensuring your dog can get a well-fitting escape proof dog harness.  We make the tiniest dog harnesses in the world.  All our various styles of dog harnesses are no-pull with front and back D rings, to train your dog not to pull with the aid of a double-ended training lead.  There is also less chance of a dog escaping from a harness with the lead attached to both front and back.

Consider the materials a dog harness is made from – It is another Key Point to getting a Safe and Secure harness which is Escape Proof

It is no good having a well-fitting harness, unless the harness itself is also well-made. That means from high quality, safety tested materials. Poor quality materials invariably result in causing the very harness itself to fail, therefore very likely causing your dog to get out.  Inferior, cheap, un-tested fasteners can suddenly unclip under pressure and your dog will get out of the harness. For example unwelded D rings, where the lead attaches, this can result in the lead trigger hook detaching and your dog can then run off free. You will be left holding the lead only.  Harnesses with less than robust webbing can tear and the harness can literally rip off your dog. 

Lara in her non-escape eDog harness with Houdini strap

What else we can offer you:

We use the following safe, high quality materials to make all our harnesses –

  • safety, machine strength tested polypropelene webbing for all size dogs
  • safety tested fasteners made of Delrin, not plastic
  • welded D rings – ie. no gap in the ring

Consider a Handle on your dog harness for extra safety.

We offer all our harnesses with an optional fixed handle which will give you more control, especially in tricky situations.

We offer a clever little product we make called a ‘Houdini strap‘.  This is a small, adjustable strap which you attach to both the harness front ring and the collar ring.  You can use this as a training aid to prevent your dog even trying to slip out of the harness.  You should only use this ‘Houdini’ strap under supervision for safety.

If you want your dog to have an escape proof dog harness that fits well and is comfy, just give us a call today with your dog and tape measure on 01697 349852. Measuring takes 10 mins for us to talk you through 2 simple measurements.  We shall advise you clearly as to whether your dog will fit into one of our 10 standard sizes or needs a custom size.  Custom sizes start at £35.

Cassie the Staffy in her escape proof Splashy Dog harness