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eDog Fleece Dog Harness Review

Best Dog harness review by Sephi and Maya’s Mum for our eDog fleece harnesses.

eDog Fleece Dog Harness

eDog fleece walking harnesses (royal blue)

eDog Fleece Dog Harness

Cerise Pink eDog fleece dog harness.

eDog fleece dog harnesses are worn by both dogs above on our header image, Maya the Labrador and Sephi who is a perfect mixed breed (Chow, Labrador, German Shepherd and Border Collie), both take the Large size. These lucky girls belong to a customer and now friend, who both tried out our fleece walking harnesses for our customer’s detailed review below:

“I have seen and used many harnesses in my time but when opening up the parcel containing these 2, all I could say was ‘wow’! Firstly, they are superbly soft, not just being fleece on the outside but also fully fleece lined dog harnesses inside. Secondly the colours are stunning and the webbing on the outside of the garment is matched perfectly and finished nicely. I measured the width of the harness as a generous 5cm and the webbing inset is 2.5cm (Large size). The close up pic below shows both the outside and inside of the harness. The front and back ‘D’ rings are very strong, being 4mm thick and 3 cm wide for durability.”

Royal Blue eDog fleece dog harness and D ring
Dougie our Westie in his brand new eDog Union Jack fleece harness

Dougie our Westie in his bespoke eDog Union Jack fleece dog harness


‘D’ rings are used to provide a far more secure solution than ‘O’ rings, giving the flat edged webbing a flat edge of the ‘D’ ring to attach to.  The front ring can be used for lead attachment if you are intending to use the harness to train your dog not to pull, however if it is just to be used as a walking dog harness, you could attach dog ID tags at the front and/or your favourite dog charm and use the ‘D’ ring on the back of the harness to attach the lead, matching fleece dog leads and collars are also available. Also using the lead attached to the front ring helps to balance a dog when walking, and therefore it is a very suitable dog harness for a dogs with spinal, or leg injuries and amputee dogs.

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Below are just some of the various colours that the eDog fleece walking harnesses are available in.

eDog fleece harness colours

“When we tried the harnesses on Sephi and Maya, they fitted perfectly, after suitable adjustment. There are 2 points of adjustment, allowing for growing dogs and being available in 11 sizes, you can get a perfect fit dog harness for every dog, from tiny toy breeds right up to really large dogs. The harnesses go on easily with the wide V shaped straps going over the head and sitting on your dog’s shoulders, then just snap shut the 2 parachute clips on either side. Even Maya couldn’t attempt her usual houdini trick with these escape-proof dog harnesses! Being made of very soft fleece, the harnesses are very suitable for dogs who have sensitive skin or skin disorders. The fleece is even positioned behind the 2 side fasteners- eDog are the only brand of fleece harness to provide this.

Cerise Pink eDog fleece harness fully fleece lined
Cerise Pink eDog fleece harness fully fleece lined.

“Both Maya and Sephi have worn their harnesses regularly for several months now and they both have been washed with no colour fading – they can be hand-washed or machine washed on a low temperature”, a delicates or wool wash is what their Mum used. One important point though, no tumble drying, best to dry outside on the line or flat to keep the fleece in peak condition.

“One concern I had, was whether the fleece fabric would prove too hot in summer but as the fleece is breathable, this wasn’t a problem at all and it was actually in the middle of summer that these were first worn by Sephi and Maya.

There is no doubt that both doggies are happy and comfortable – if you have had problems before with harnesses causing rubbing and discomfort to your dog, especially near the two front legs, this soft fleece fabric provides a non-chafing dog harness.”

eDog Pink fleece harness
eDog Pink fleece dog harness made in the UK

Fleece harnesses are not as cheap as nylon ones but being priced here on our site at £20.00 upwards  depending on size, we feel for all the extra quality features they offer, such as the high comfort factor, they are good value for money overall and as can be seen from our pics, they are very smart looking.  Compare our prices to other fleece harnesses and you’ll see they are excellent value for the high quality we offer. We also make custom sizes of our eDog fleece dog harnesses at an affordable price.

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Henry the Pug in his Cherry Red eDog fleece harness

Henry the Pug in his Cherry Red custom made eDog fleece harness by kind permission of his mum.

Pugs are notoriously difficult to find good fitting harnesses for – read what Henry’s Mum said about his custom made eDog fleece harness

“My conclusion is, without reservation that if you are looking for a soft, comfy, perfect fit dog harness, this has got to be the one you get for your dog!”

We also like that they are UK made.

See our measure guide for how to measure for a fleece dog harness, as with any harness, this is the big secret to getting the best fit for your dog and therefore a soft comfortable fleece dog harness that your dog will enjoy wearing.

See all fleece dog harnesses in our own UK shop at the best prices – we ship worldwide.