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Choosing The Best Dog Coat

We manufacture waterproof dog coats here in the UK, all having neat 2 way zips in the back so your dog can wear the harness underneath the coat.

We have vast experience of fitting dogs with coats for over 7 years.  You can either visit us if you are near enough or order our coats online or by phone.  We can give you valued help here in this article or by phone because of our in depth product knowledge and experience.  We have listed all our valuable advice here in this article about ‘how to choose the best dog coat for your dog’.  Read on…

Our eDog waterproof dog coats with harness access via 2 way zip solve the problem of having to buy a harness larger than necessary to wear over a coat and your harness won’t get wet either.  Our dog coats with 2 way zip can be worn over our own eDog brand harnesses and most other brands of dog harness, as the 2 way zip is a generous length to accommodate positions of most harness back rings.  The 2 way zip ensures also that you can pull out the harness back ring and close the zip again tightly either side of the ring to prevent rain getting  into the coat and onto your dog.  Keeping your dog dry and snug.  If your dog walks on the collar with no harness, no problem our eDog coats will still be suitable.

2 way zip in Greyhound/Lurcher waterproof dog coat for harness access

5 or so years ago we sat down with a few of the bestselling dog coats in the UK and we examined them and read online reviews for the products – all had various faults – we took the best qualities from each and discarded the worst qualities, designing our own brand of eDog waterproof dog coats – a full range suitable for all dog breeds including Greyhounds/Whippets and Lurchers – these breeds often being over-looked.  So the best qualities in our eDog coats are:

no leg straps – dogs nor humans like these – uncomfortable for the dog and a pain to fit by the owner.  The purpose of the leg straps is to prevent the coat blowing up – we simply put a weighted, dipped dart in the back to keep our dog coats in place – this dart also means rain slips down meaning the dog’s tail does not get wet.

No harness hole  – 2 way zips instead, as explained fully below in FAQ.

Lined – no dog likes to have waterproof nylon mix fabric next to their skin as it invariably causes a sweat rash – we line our eDog coats with cream coloured cuddle fleece, suitable for Autumn/Winter or cotton mesh lining for Spring/Summer.  The majority of our customers will buy the fleece lined waterproof dog coat first getting the size right and follow-up with a same size special order cotton mesh-lined coat. Mesh lined coats are ideal for dogs with thick coats who don’t need extra warmth but do need protection from the rain and elements with a lightweight waterproof dog coat.

cotton mesh lined lightweight waterproof dog coat

Tim the bearded collie in his underbelly dog coat with belly and chest protection and zip for use with harness

Underbelly coverage – we make our edog underbelly harness waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection from size 12-24” – these are our bestselling design coat – it means that dogs who are low to the ground don’t get their underside wet from wet ground – and dogs who are taller stay dry underneath from splashes of wet mud – the coat takes the wetness and mud instead of your dog’s natural coat – so less cleaning up after wet walkies.  Simply wash or wipe the coat, not your dog.

Sally in her Red hi vis trim underbelly dog coat by kind permission of her Mum

Hi visibility trim – optional silver hi vis trim to all coats £5.50/£6.50 extra.  For safer walkies in dim light conditions.

Correct fit– our sizes range from tiny dogs at 8” length coat to 30” length for very large dogs.  We also make custom lengths outside these standard sizes for very tiny or very large dogs.  Contact us for custom size.  Refer to our measure guides on each dog coat product. If the coat is to be worn with a harness underneath, please measure with harness on as this will add 1-2” to girth measurement needed for the coat.

cotton mesh lined lightweight waterproof dog coat

Tim the bearded collie in his underbelly dog coat with belly and chest protection and zip for use with harness

Waxed finish – Our Chocolate waxed underbelly dog coats offer water resistance, as well as windproofing with a modern soft cotton wax finish that is fully washable.

Choice of colours – We offer many different popular colours – Red is always the bestseller, followed by Black and Pink – we have many other colours too – all to match our eDog fleece harnesses and Splashy Dog range of harnesses.  So your dog ends up colour co-ordinated as well as comfy, dry and warm.

Extra Velcro to make girth smaller or bigger – service offered for dogs who are long with small girths like Dachsies and dogs who are short in length but need bigger girths – we can add 2 or 3” of velco to get a comfy girth fit to length. Small charge. Contact us.

Easy care – All our waterproof dog coats are washable and do not need ironing, so easy to keep in tip-top condition.

Buzz the Whippet in his waterproof dog coat with harness hole by eDog

Frequently Asked Questions

What about waterproof dog coats with a harness hole - why are we using a 2 way zip?

A hole in any dog coat will quickly tear/wear badly through friction with the back ring and lead trigger hook, rendering the dog coat unusable very quickly. Holes would have to be quite big to accommodate various harness designs and consequently would let in rain, defeating the object of the coat !!. Holes in dog coats, even finished like a buttonhole with surrounding stitching for harness access are not a great solution – 2 way zips are the best solution, hence why we designed all our eDog waterproof dog coats to have these 2 way zips that solve all the issues and are highly durable.

What about harnesses with handles – will they work with eDog coats with 2 way zip for harness access?

If you have one of our eDog harnesses with fixed or detachable handle, yes the coat will work on top with you still being able to use the handle.

If you have another brand of harness with a handle best to check with us – if the handle is vertical there is likely to be no issue but if the handle on the harness is horizontal the harness won’t work under any dog coat with harness hole/zip/access.

Do dog coats/jackets with a D ring attached work?

These are lethal – any ring O or D attached to a coat will not have much strength – unless your dog weighs 1kg or less, our advice can only be, avoid buying these as, 1 tug and you will be left with a ring only attached to your lead very quickly and your dog loose wearing the ruined coat. Very dangerous indeed.

Do dog coats with integrated/built-in dog harness work?

No way! There will be 3 sizes only and the chances of actually getting the garment on your dog with harness and coat fitting – your dog would need to be a contortionist extrodinaire and you’d need the patience of a Saint! In our considerable experience forget it!

So now you know all about what we offer – what is best for your dog ??  Start by deciding whether your dog is straight backed or shaped – by shaped we mean is your dog needing a specific breed dog coat, such as Whippet/Greyhound/Lurcher etc., ??  If straight backed you have 2 choices – either our bestselling waterproof dog coats with underbelly – a dog raincoat that covers belly and chest or our harness waterproof dog coats with no underbelly.  If your dog is small/medium up to say Staffie size – the underbelly protection coat is recommended.  If your dog is bigger than 24” length, you’ll need the bigger sizes in our harness waterproof dog coats with no underbelly as these go up to size 30”.

If your dog has a shaped back you will need a specific breed coat, specially shaped for your dog’s breed shape.  If you have a mixed breed – say a Lab/Greyhound X – look at the back – if it is curved like the Greyhound you’ll need the Greyhound/Lurcher waterproof dog coat, if not more like a Lab – a straight backed coat is required.

So shape decided, measure your dog according to diagrams on the products – making sure you have put your dog’s harness on if it is to be worn under your dog coat.

Tim the bearded collie in his underbelly dog coat with belly and chest protection and zip for use with harness

Some dogs walk with tail up – like Tilly in the pic above – does yours ??  If so it will be important to keep the coat length finishing short of the tail.  If your dog doesn’t the coat should be longer to give flank protection and fall just over the tail.

Consider the lining – does your dog need a warm lining ??  Most dogs will benefit in Autumn/Winter from our cuddle fleece lining for warmth as well as water resistancy.  Even if your dog has a good heavy coat of his own, if your dog is elderly/unwell  or comes from a warm climate country a thick lining would be advisable.  We also offer cotton mesh lined dog coats which are waterproof for Spring/Summer showers.  So if your dog, including Whippets/Lurchers and Greyhounds need a lightweight raincoat for warmer months, cotton mesh lining is the best option.

We hope you have now some valuable pointers as to which dog coat is best for your dog.

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