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Kerry Blue Terriers Vera and Billy in their eDog fleece dog harnesses by kind permission of their Mum

Welcome to our fleece dog harness site where, quite simply you can get the perfect fit fleece dog harness for your dog.  Every dog deserves a velvety soft, comfortable fleece dog walking harness and ours can work a touch of magic too, as they also can be used to train your dog not to pull which is one of the biggest problems most dogs have to some extent or other.

We have been manufacturing dog harnesses in Cumbria UK for over 7 years – we are dog harness specialists – a unique company who cares about getting the fit and the comfort right for your dog.

Read our very informative article on: How to Choose the Best Dog Harness/Puppy Harness for Your Dog.

As we were well aware that no single manufacturer of any dog harness can offer a standard size chart that will include each and every dog’s size, we wanted our customers to be able to find a fleece dog harness on our site, whatever the shape, size and breed of their dog, so by us offering 10 standard sizes, custom sizes and made to measure dog harnesses, our customers are guaranteed a size match, maximum colour choices, and even hi vis and other exciting design options, giving the perfect fit fleece bespoke dog harness for every dog.

With many of our existing customers’ dogs going to agility classes and many joining flyball clubs, due to demand we developed a streamlined version of our fleece harness to be used as an agility/flyball harness offering options such as a fixed or detachable handle and other customisation such as embroidery in club colours for team event wear.  We are now one of the biggest suppliers of fleece flyball harnesses in the UK.  Flyball is one of the fastest growing dog sports, so why not think of signing your dog up – it’s stimulating, fun, fast and a great way of exercising.  Agility too is a great option, especially for bonding with your dog and keeping both of you fit !!

eDog fleece dog harnesses used for Kennet Hotwings flyball training

We do not believe in sizing dog harnesses by breed, we ask all our customers to measure to ensure a perfect fit for their dog.  Although breed sizes are good as a guide, every dog is different and in our considerable experience breed size guides completely fail when you are buying for a mixed breed dog?!  You will find our measuring instructions and fleece dog walking harness sizes chart is all you need to adhere to in order to get a really comfy, well-fitting fleece dog harness for your own dog and we give you full fitting instructions too, so there’s no worries when it arrives.

Indie and Suki the Samoyeds in their eDog fleece harnesses for dogs by kind permission of their Mum

We manufacture the best fleece walking/anti-pull dog harnesses, fleece dog collars and matching fleece dog leads, our own ultra-safe hi visibility fleece dog harnesses. The high quality of all our products cannot be beaten and we also have the best prices for you too,  and in addition we offer  recorded delivery or courier service for £4.99 UK, irrespective of how many items you order with free delivery to the UK when you spend £49 or over. We ship worldwide for most items with only one delivery charge.

Whether you are buying for a puppy, fully grown or senior dog, a soft, comfortable fleece dog walking harness is something your dog will love to put on for walkies, see our full range of fleece harnesses for dogs.

Whether you are buying for a puppy, fully grown or senior dog, a soft, comfortable fleece dog walking harness is something your dog will love to put on for walkies, see our full range of fleece harnesses for dogs. Everything we offer on our site has been thoroughly researched and tested out by either our own dog or dogs belonging to our family, close friends and often regular customers.  Our products are aimed at dog’s well being and safety and many are problem solvers, like our harness dog coats which means your dog gets to keep his regular harness on whilst the dog coat can fit over and the opening on the back of the coat is in the right place for the lead to attach to the back harness ring. We offer a full range of dog coats which all work with a 2 way zip in the coat for use with a dog harness underneath, including specific shaped breed dog coats for Whippets, Lurchers and Greyhounds. Read ‘How to choose the Best Dog Coat for Your Dog‘.

Border Collie Peaches in her personalised fleece dog harness by kind permission of her Mum

Shmoo the Malamute in his personalised dog harness by kind permission of her Mum

Hector the Scottie dog in his underbelly wrap harness dog coat

Another first-class product we have  is a safety tested dog car harness which we import from the States where they are made by Bergan, and offer them in all 4 sizes to fit dogs weighing from a small 10lbs to a massive 150lbs.  Every dog deserves safe car travel, you can read our in depth review of the Bergan dog car harness which has been a bestseller for us for over 7 years.


We offer a wide range of dog collars, all having unique features and benefits in sizes to fit every dog, all at good prices because we either manufacture ourselves or import US/Australian/European quality products directly to give you, our customer, the best prices, with no middleman.  Every dog should have a comfy dog collar with ID tags attached (by law) – check out our own Splashy Dog air-mesh dog collars – comfy, quick drying and highly adjustable – great for active dogs who like to swim too.

Talking of swimming….all dogs enjoy going out and having fun playing, for beach and water loving dogs, we have our own brand Splashy Dog harnesses and the best sporty range of life jackets for dogs.  Read our in depth EzyDog dog life jacket review and how they can keep your dog safe in and around the water.  We have sizes to fit every dog, from tiny/toy size up to really large dogs.

Educational and fun dog toys are important for any dog’s well-being to stimulate mental activity and develop paw/eye co-ordination as well as basic hunting/sniffing instincts, we offer the US bestselling range of Kyjen dog toys – check out these cool dog toys, all designed for educational value, maximum durability and long-lasting fun and play!

Amber the Lab comfy and having fun in her emerald Splashy Dog harness by kind permission of her Mum

Finally when the day is done and your dog is all played out, fed and watered and ready for a good snooze – we offer excellent UK made luxurious wool dog beds for every size dog – check out our gorgeously soft Sheepy dog beds which come in 3 sizes so your dog has the perfect fit bed for size. Hand-finished Yap dog beds are also on offer for comfy zzzzzzzzzzzzzz for smaller dogs. The choice of style is yours, supreme comfort assured with all our dog beds.


We, eDog products, aim to bring you excellent dog products for every dog, there are several things we believe every dog deserves – a comfy, soft bed, a special place to call his/her own, a nice fitting dog collar with ID tags for safety, a soft comfy dog harness, good food, regular grooming and vet care, fresh air, fun play times with educational and exciting dog toys and walks but most importantly, the love and companionship of a good owner.

Whinnie the Galga in her fleece dog harnes by kind permission of her Mum

Shima the German Shepherd Dog in her eDog fleece dog harness by kind permission of their Mum

Pluto the English Bull Mastiff in his XXL fleece walking harness by kind permission of his Mum