Xtra Dog Fleece Dog Harness Review

Xtra Dog fleece dog harnesses are worn by all these dogs. Testimonials for reviews of these soft, perfect fit fleece walking dog harnesses.

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Shima GSD in her red Xtra Dog fleece harness and fleece collar

Shima GSD in her red Xtra Dog fleece harness and fleece collar

Review of the Red Xtra Dog fleece harneess

Thank you sooo much! Your service has been fantastic! I think she’s the most gorgeous girl! Shima is 2.5 yrs, her full name is Heshima, which means respect in Tahiti!


Greyhound in a large black Xtra Dog fleece harness

Greyhound in a large black Xtra Dog fleece harness

Thank you very much for your help…..they do like the harnesses…..
Your welcome to use the photos for your site yep…..if it helps to spread the word of greyhounds and greyhounds in comfy harnesses…..:) Richard

FAQ (from customer)

Will my dog be able to back out of the XtraDog fleece harness, as this is currently a big problem?


Hi David

Backing out of dog harnesses is 9/10 times due to a poor fit, I have to say.  A harness should fit securely, see my link below and look at how to measure and fit a dog harness:


The other reason for backing out of a harness, is dogs who have really thick set necks, just about the same size as their head circumference such as Bulldogs etc., but this is not the case with your Labrador at all.  Either of the 2 front ring harnesses will be safe, providing you have the correct size and adjust the harness well to fit your dog properly.

4/10 people buy dog harnesses without measuring their dog – I know, despite all my advice on my site! You need to measure your dog’s girth (exact) and neck (exact) to get the perfect fit harness.  If you would like to do that, I’d be more than happy to advise on the size for your dog to avoid mistakes and disappointment.

2/10 of those people go on to put their harness onto their dog too slackly – hence their dog backing out in certain nervous situations.

Alfie the Beagle Cross in his Berry Red XtraDog fleece dog harness

Alfie the Beagle Cross in his Berry Red XtraDog fleece dog harness

On another note, whether or not you choose to embark on any proper training plan, the Xtra Dog fleece harness is a high quality, comfortable walking harness, which the Premier Easy Walk is not – it’s just a train your dog and then get something better when your dog is trained product, which is why for my money I’d opt for the fleece harness.  Even if you decide to just continue on with the extendable lead, let him pull and sniff, at least he won’t come to any harm and would be comfy in the fleece harness (as he undoubtedly would not be comfy or indeed pain free in a collar and lead arrangement when pulling).

I have re-read your previous mail and note you have a trainer.  I am not surprised your trainer recommended the Gentle Leader head collar, as you now tell me your dog is timid – the head collars are designed and very good for nervous dogs – the main theory behind them being the belief that if you can control a dog’s head, you can control his body – but I’m sure your trainer must have explained this to you when recommending and given you some training plan to use along with the head collar, as after all it is simply a training aid.

Obviously I don’t know your Labrador’s history – I do know however that Labs in general are fairly easy to train but obviously your dog has his own history and possibly difficulties as a result – I’m guessing and just wanting to best help you.

I hope I have answered your question and again, you know where I am for any further discussion.

Best Regards


Thanks Joanne for your help in selecting my Xtra Dog fleece harness and getting a good fit – you are right my dog can’t escape out of this one!!
My lab is very timid when meeting people and if someone else tries to pet him out on a walk he will back off which used to mean out of his harness but no more, what a relief.